Achievement Award

Krones UK Ltd donated the BBI Achievement Award to the British Bottlers' Institute. It is presented annually to a company or individual who, in the view of the BBI Council, merits some special recognition for contribution to the bottling industry during the year.

2015's Winner

Wyllie Woodburn introduced this year's winner of the BBI Achievement Award, Mark Tyne, Director of Esterform Ltd. Mark started his career in the plastics industry working for Shell and after a number of positions in the fledgling PET industry started Esterform. As a private entrepreneur Mark has been at the format of this growing industry and thoroughly deserves his award.

Accepting the award Mark gave a very amusing and heartfelt revue of his time in the industry, proudly showing the very first Esterform bottle produced, which is just one of the many billions his company has produced over the years.

Previous Winners

2014 Andrew Cawthray, Cawingredients
2013 Fuller, Smith & Turner
2012 Halewood International
2011 St Austell Brewery
2010 Highland Spring
2009 Quinn Glass
2008 The Glenmorangie Company
2007 David Kaye
2006 Hedley Wright
2005 Britvic Soft Drinks
2004 Robert Neame CBE
2002 Bacardi-Martini
2001 Jeremy Browne
2000 Thomas Hardy Holdings
1999 Ed Binsted
1998 Hook Norton Brewery
1997 United Glass
1996 Merrydown