The Paper Pallet Company

The first visit of the season for the BBI was to The Paper Pallet Company, based in Wellingborough, Northants.

Graham Hayes, Managing Director and Robert Pole, Director of Sales hosted the visit, which was attended by a number of BBI members.

The PPC opened its doors for business in the Spring of this year, after completing the installation of a fully automated pallet manufacturing line, which is capable of producing 4000 pallets per shift.

The company occupies a new 40,000-sq.ft facility in Wellingborough, where it produces paper pallets in all the standard European and US sizes. The environmentally friendly pallets are made from sustainable waste paper and are 100% recyclable after use. Due to their robust construction using a honeycombe deck, they are capable of lifting a tonne of product and have a stacking strength of 10 tonnes.

The weight saving of the paper pallet is enormous at only 5kg compared to an average wooden pallet of 23kg, this saving alone represents over a tonne of weight on an average 42 ft curtain sided trailer with 52 pallets on board.

PPC working with Giraffe Innovations, the carbon management company, have produced a calculator based on DEFRA published figures, which shows the CO2 savings that can be achieved by using the lighter weight pallets.

The pallets are also good news for exporters as they are exempt from the ISPM15 certification and can therefore travel freely to any part of the world. The lightweight also makes huge savings for any airfreighted products.

The health and safety aspect of the pallets with no nails and splinters, the largest cause of injury in the work place by operatives using pallets is eliminated. The pallets come fully shrinkwrapped to maintain hygiene and their construction is such they can be used on any pallet conveyors or automated palletising systems.

The interest shown by the visiting BBI team was a clear endorsement of the private investment made into this exciting new packaging venture. Interest and orders are coming from many areas of industry within the UK and Europe, according to Graham Hayes if things continue apace then will be further manufacturing sites set up in the future.

The company have a strap line for their publicity "Seeing is Believing", it is one of those new ideas that really does call for a visit to the facility in Wellingborough to get a clearer idea of what a paper pallet can offer you as a producer.

For further details visit or tel +44 (0) 1933 283920.