Winners Photo Gallery

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 competition!

Des Smith of Aspall receiving their award for Harry Sparrow Cyder (Gold for Ciders, abv 4.0% - 5.4%). Jeff Phillips of Brecon Mineral Water receiving their award for Brecon Carreg Still (Gold for Natural Mineral Water - Still). Mark Anderson of Double Maxim Beer Company their award for American Pride (Silver for Ales, abv 5.0% - 5.9%). John Bexon of Greene King receiving their awards for IPA (Gold for Ales, abv 1.5% - 3.9%) and Old Golden Hen (Diploma for Ales, abv 4.0% - 4.9%). Rachel Burleigh and Anna Corbett of Hall & Woodhouse receiving their award for Poacher's Choice (Silver for Packaging). The Team of Harvey & Son (Lewes) receiving their awards for Star of Eastbourne (Diploma for Ales, abv 6.0% - 7.4%), Christmas Ale and Elizabethan Ale (Gold and Silver for Ales, abv 7.5% and above), Bill's Beer (Gold for Lagers, abv 3.5% - 4.2%), Bill Brewer and John Hop (Gold and Silver for Low/Non-Alcoholic Beer). Richard Beeston of Highland Spring Group receiving their awards for Speyside Glenlivet (Gold for Natural Mineral Water - Sparkling) and Speyside Glenlivet Still (Silver for Packaging). Nick Davis of Hobsons Brewery receiving their award for Evolution (Diploma for Packaging). Mike Cowbourne of Okells receiving their award for 1907 (Gold for Ales, abv 6.0% - 7.4%). John Lovett of Oxfordshire Ales receiving their awards for Triple 'B' (Silver for Ales, abv 1.5% - 3.9%) and Marshmellow (Diploma for Ales, abv 4.0% - 4.9%). Jemima Vickers of Shepherd Neame receiving their awards for Classic Collection IPA (Silver for Ales, abv 6.0% - 7.4%), Asahi Super Dry (Silver for Lagers, abv 4.3% - 5.4%) and Samuel Adams Boston Lager (Diploma for Lagers, abv 4.3% - 5.4%). Amanda Grabham of SHS Group Drinks Division receiving their awards for Bottlegreen Elderflower Sparkling Pressé and Shloer Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch (Gold and Diploma for Adult Soft Drinks) and Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial (Gold for Cordials and Diploma for Packaging). Richard Johnson of Thatchers Cider Co. receiving their awards for Old Rascal (Diploma for Ciders, abv 4.0% - 5.4%), Thatchers 2012 Vintage and Katy (Diploma for Ciders, abv 5.5% and above) and Somerset Mixed Fruit and Ciderberry (Gold and Silver for Ciders/Perry, non-Apple or Flavoured). Steve Tuck of Wenlock Spring receiving their award for Wenlock Spring Water (Gold for Packaging). Helen Thomas of H. Weston & Sons receiving their awards for Stowford Press (Silver for Ciders, abv 4.0% - 5.4%) and Wyld Wood (Gold for Ciders, abv 5.5% and above).





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